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Anne Veerpalu, PhD - Partner

Anne has long-term experience in advising local and international clients on all aspects related to corporate law, private equity and M&A and she is a respected advisor of high-growth companies.


Since 2012 she has worked on the technology law space, consulted IT companies with their daily business affairs, supported fintechs and gambling companies with their many regulatory challenges. Anne also serves as the Head of the IT and IP Law Committee of the Estonian Bar Association, runs the Tech Startup Legal Clinic of University of Tartu and is a co-organizer of the Estonian Legal Hackers meetups.


She earned her PhD in IT Law researching regulative challenges in relation to blockchain technology applications. She recently was awarded a Diamond of the Year Award from the Estonian Bar Association for her initiatives in relation to gender equality and women empowerment among Estonian attorneys.

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Diana  Savytska - Lawyer

Lawyer Diana has been assisting attorneys in advising clients on intellectual property and data protection matters.


She assists in relation to licensing contracts and is also well versed with payments agreements and matters relating to the business of fintechs.


She is passionate about FinTech and broader IT law field.

Lawyers have no right to consult independently.

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Trisha Banya - Lawyer

Trisha is a start-up and technology business enthusiast. She assists the attorneys in practising IT law in areas like software licensing, data protection, private equity and venture capital, ecommerce, intellectual property protection and artificial intelligence. 

She draws from her experiences working with various players of the start-up ecosystem including a tech company, financial markets regulator, technology entrepreneurship educator, and leading law firms in 3 jurisdictions.

She is passionate about and excited to help you build the next hectocorn.

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Rza Mustafayev - Lawyer

Rza is a highly motivated promoter of the concept of “Tomorrow’s Lawyers” and he believes in dualistic relationship between law and technology.

He supports how legal industry embraces high-tech solutions to boost efficiency and at the same time regulates them to achieve socially equitable results.


Rza gives assistance to attorneys with regard to ICOs, IEOs, NFTs, investment funds, company establishment and contracting. He is also interested in data protection, software licensing, AI and intellectual property.

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Corporate & Commercial

Legal assistance throughout the life cycle of the company and its business relations.


Compliance & Regulatory

Helping to meet the regulatory requirements necessary to pursue a business activity. 


Intellectual Property

Helping to conclude license agreements and protect industrial property e.g. trademarks, patents.

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Privacy & Data Protection

Achieving compliance with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation.



Applying for visas and residence permits for IT staff members and start-up code.


Venture Capital

Supporting start-ups in financing rounds to achieve equitable results in negotiations.


Emerging Technologies

Overcoming legal hurdles in the field of tech advancements, such as IEOs, IoTs, DAOs and etc.

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Offering legal services in the field of video games, online games and gambling.

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Organizing companies in the field of FinTech and satisfying corresponding legal requirements 


Crypto Assets

Assisting with legal matters arising from providing virtual asset services.

Mykola (Nikolay) Demchuk, Legal Officer at Bitstamp

"Anne and the TECH x LEGAL team always come up with new ideas how to innovate and improve the way legal services are provided. They have a comprehensive approach to every legal challenge by trying to understand not only the legal side of the issue, but the technical and business aspects as well."
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